Open Letter to COP26 Leaders

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Dear World Leaders at COP26,

As Druids, we hold the Earth as sacred yet we witness the folly of human endeavours and the immeasurable destruction that this is bringing. The continued destruction of the sacred is incomprehensible given the overwhelming scientific evidence showing that we are heading towards catastrophic climate change and particularly when that harm is driven by allegiance to greed, power and economic growth.

The scientists have set out the scale of the challenge before you, indeed before us all. 

At COP26 we expect you to agree:

  1. A workable but radical plan that will make the huge cuts in carbon and methane emissions that the scientists say we need by when we need them. Then deliver that plan.
  2. To make global happiness the number one aim and to end economic growth as a dogma.
  3. To bring equity across the world, particularly to women and the global south to help reduce birth rates and improve the lives of the more disadvantaged peoples.
  4. To ensure that ecocide joins the statute book of international crimes, and to prosecute those who commit it.
  5. To agree a fair shares approach to carbon as carbon emissions reduce, i.e. higher carbon emitting countries to make bigger and quicker cuts.
  6. To provide for reparations to countries and peoples that are most affected by the actions of the west.
  7. To ensure that all refugees are given sanctuary and support. 
  8. To ensure a strong defence for the legal rights of indigenous communities and all environmental protectors.

We want you to know that our sacred Earth needs you to succeed, just as people, both human and non-human, need you to succeed. Across the world, Druid ceremonies are being held to send you wisdom and leadership qualities to support you in this.

Yours among the sacred oaks,

Stuart Jeffery, Order of the Oak, member of OBOD and TDN
Anne Patterson, Order of the Oak
Jonathan Weekes, Order of the Oak and Sacred Earth Activism
Poppy Brett, Order of the Oak
Jon Grundy, Order of the Oak
Lauren Pearce, Order of the Oak
Jo Van Der Hoeven, Director of the Druid College (UK)
Dana O’Driscoll, Grand Archdruid in the Ancient Order of Druids in America
Phil Ryder, Chair of The Druid Network
Philip Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief Emeritus OBOD  
Cat Treadwell
Nimue Brown
Neil Pitchford
Dinah Liversidge, member OBOD
Eva Leenknegt, member of OBOD
Eimear Burke, Chosen Chief, The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids
Larisa A White
Mark B Rosher, Trustee The Druid Network and Order of the Yew
Erica MacGilp
David Ledger
Anne Higginbottom
Deborah Billett
Leonore Newson, Trustee of The Druid Network, OBOD member & Member of the Order of the Oak
Jan Nolan
Fabiana de Savino
Skye Céibhfhionn Meisner Gren
Even Tømte, member of OBOD and Pagans of the North
Sasha Spikentrøter from Druids of the Universe
Barry Patterson, Wild man of the Woods
Rob Dickinson, member of OBOD
Atle Pakusch Gundersen
Pauline Pitchford
Marc Greenman
Therese Krzywinski
Grete Swahn, member of OBOD
Rachel Rodwell
Luca Henriksen, member of OBOD
Neil Haywood
Seersha O’Sullivan Grandmother Runesinger Feral Druid
Mary Chudley, member of OBOD
Karin Rütimann
Simon Cotterill, Cannock Chase Order of Druids
Patricia Williams OBOD member
Sarah Kerr, President of the Pagan Federation
Amanda Hart, Elder, British Druid Order
Stephen Kent, Sacred Earth Activism, Member of OBOD
Malea Powell, member of OBOD & AODA
Cath Everett
Lorien Linda Cadier
Jennifer Uzzell, Member Order of the Oak, The Druid Network, OBOD and BDO
Caroline Hallam
Lisa Ravelo
Ruth Wajsblum
Rijusiddha Drewett
Alexander Van Wingerden-Cross
Dianne Morton
Aurora J Stone, Trustee, The Druid Network
Lia Hunter, member of OBOD and the Wild Druid Collective
Dale Ross
Alex Moseley, member of OBOD
Deborah Rose Halani, member of OBOD
Lyn Swan-Ellison, OBOD member
Cheryl Sellen
Julia Telfer
Bethany Harris
Alex Cox, member of OBOD
Kyrre Gram Franck
Jude Bailey, Druid Priestess, OBOD
Jane Ellen Birkett
Richard Birkett
Shanti Wiederkehr, OBOD member
Louis McMeeken
Pauline Gebbie
Jo Ellender
Karen James
Lee Tanya Storey
Kae Skinner Sera
Kevin Skinner
Paula Denby
Sophie Vives
Bridie Cashman
Howard Godolphin
Dianne Morton
Roland De Vos, member OBOD
Jonathan Leigh
Madeline Reid
Michelle Phillips, OBOD member
Peter R Smith Druid and Author
Ann Flowers
John King
Lynn Genevieve
Angela Howard, member of the order of the oak and the British Druid Order 
Dr Jem Warren, Order of the Oak and Member of OBOD
Debra Annear, Member of OBOD
Jon Mullett
Terri Stewart Hackler, member of OBOD
Sarah Dickson
Rob Dickinson
Albion Tony Grey
David Smith
Alan Green
Liz Cruze
Rulueashk Flailingclaw, member of OBOD
Raif Healy
Kate Collison
Dr. Peter Jeffs, holistic practitioner
Neime Kavanagh
Debbie Freeman
Rebecca Lapping
Claudine Bouchet, Grande Druidesse Korridwen Bod Koad du C.I.D.E.C.D. France et Brésil
Andrew Bear, member of OBOD
Mark Taft member of the Charnwood Grove of Druids
Beatrice Ferrazzi, holistic therapist
Stefan Kaiser, founder of the Ecodruidry initiative and an OBOD member, Mount Thunder Alder Grove in Wiesbaden, Germany
Bruce Bassam
Sue Thorne 
Alexandra di Genova di Salle member of OBOD
John Bennett
Charlotte Knaggs, member OBOD & BDO
Deya Davila
Andy Norfolk, member of several Druid orders
Linda Culleton 
Shaz Eradhun
Andrew Hows
John Laedtke
Rowan Heartwell
Anne-Michelle McLaren Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids
Lena Ragnvaldsdatter Skarning, Priestess of Pagans of the North 
Walenti Løkken, Pagans of the North 
Tuula Lenadatter Skarning, Pagans of the North 
Marieluise Niehus
Joshua Erskine
Christine Clarke
Annick Jacq, member of OBOD
Marjorie Pennings, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids
Christa Mackinnon
Ingvar Tengesdal Pagans of the North 
Ayesha Vavrek, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids
Kevon Puttock Member OBOD
Maxine Smillie
Jessica West
Michot Mathieu, Membre du collège druidique des Terres noires
Hervé Papin, Druide de l’Assemblée Druidique de Cilldara
Jenny Cox
Grace Lindsay, Anglesey Druid Order
Deborah Derham 
Annabel Hollis
Wolf and Melanie Lorien O.B.O.D.
Stefan Losinski
Clare Cartwright
Hapi Reeping
Patricia Voiseau Roquin, membre de l’Assemblée Druidique Cilldara
Vedianta Ligure, membre de l’Assemblée Druidique Cilldara – France
Al Lannig, member of Cilldara Assemblée druidique
Steve Pine
Marilyne Lesage, membre de l’Assemblée Druidique Cilldara – France
Sumena, Membre of Cilldara Assemblée Druidique
Stephanie MARCHIS Epona Cilldara (France)
Landa Laure – Suelta, Membre de l’assemblée Cilldara en France
Katerina-Brith Membre de l’Assemblée Druidique CillDara
Uolca, Membre de l’Assemblée Druidique CillDara
Bernard Bourgeois
Jule Rauzy Membre de l’Assemblée Druidique CillDara
Uésalia, Membre de l’Assemblée Druidique CillDara
Fearn membre OBOD France et Assemblée Druidique Cilldara
Isabelle Roussy Membre de l’Assemblée Druidique CillDara Corrèze France
Anthony Heartless OBOD
Rosa McCombe member of OBOD
Ric Gibson
Jo Gibson
Candobranna membre de l’assemblée Cilldara en France
Christian Jane Foster, from Dorset , eco flow singer song writer , sound healer
Jane Birkett, lover of this beautiful planet.
Joseph Thompson
Gail Ellis- OBOD

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